Treatments that can Optimize Wound Healing take Burn Care to Promising Trajectory

Burn wounds comes with the same challenges in care for intensivists as any other traumatic injury. Developments in the burn care market has broadly focused on improving patient support and stabilization. Over the past few decades, this has borne positive results, and new treatment modalities in the market have been able to reduce the mortality. In particular, the market has evolved rapidly from the growing effectiveness of burn would treatment products in young adult patient populations across the world.

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Understanding Mechanisms Underlying Burn Wound Healing pave way to Innovations

Considerable research has been made in recent years which has steadily improved our understanding of pathophysiology of burn wounds, paving way for innovations in the burn care market. Relentless focus on understanding the mechanisms underlying burn wound healing has led to a few novel products for severe thermal injury. Emerging treatment avenues that optimizes burn wound healing are underpinning the growth of the burn care market.

The rising concern of skin and appearance arising out of burn wounds is bolstering the need for better burn care in patient populations. Increasing awareness among patient population about effective evaluation and management of burns is also catalyzing the demand for burn care. Rising incidence of burn injuries leading to acute hospitalizations in developed nations is also propelling the demand for burn wound treatments.

Advances in Wound Coverage and Grafting create New Avenues

The vast unmet need for proper care in in low- and middle-income countries is also likely to present attractive streams of revenue to market players in near future. In addition, rising demand for burn care treatments in non-fatal injuries in hospitalized patients is expected to generate substantial revenues in the market. Furthermore, recent advances made in wound coverage and grafting has opened a window of exciting possibilities.

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However, the treatment and management of acute thermal injuries still pose a considerable challenge for clinicians and caregivers. Monitoring and predicting how long wound healing will take are aspects that are imminent to improve burn care paradigm.

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