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Worldwide, prevalence of organ failure pose a high mortality in patients in critical care setting. The incidences of organ failure especially multiple organ failure have increased. Over the years. The gap between demand and supply for donor organs has widened, propelling technological advancements in machine perfusion. New approaches to machine perfusion have come notably for heart donors. Clinical progress made in human heart transplantation is a key trend boosting the transplant box market. Population-based cohort studies on transplantation have helped pave way to new avenues in the transplant box market.

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Heart and Kidney Transplants Present Huge Market Avenue

The morbidity and mortality of cardiovascular diseases has played a key role in demand dynamic in the transplant box market. Another area that has presented potentially lucrative avenues for industry stakeholders in the transplant box market is kidney transplantation. Growing awareness about the chronic kidney diseases has favorable impacted the growth dynamics in the market.

Technological advances being witnessed in extra-corporeal organ perfusion has also fueled the strides in the transplant box market. These are evident in heart transplantation. An array of studies have been done in public research institutes in Europe and North America, expanding the horizon for new developments in the transplant box market. These regional markets have also seen rise in demand for transplant box on the back of constantly updating of guidelines on cardiac transplantation. This has helped in identifying the right cohort of patients in whom heart transplantation can be a life-saving step.

The growing number of people with end-stage kidney diseases also present a high demand prospect for transplantation, boosting the avenue in the transplant box market. Some of the key players in the transplant box market are OrganOx Limited, Hibernicor, LLC, TransMedics, Inc., Paragonix Technologies, Inc., and XVIVO Perfusion AB.

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