Rising Penetration of Tablet PCs and Smartphones Drives Touch Screen Panels Market

The touch screen panels market has been projected to expand at a significant speed in the near future. The growth prospects in the market are owing to the increasing penetration of tablet PCs and smartphones in our present life. This has further led to the rise of various novel manufacturers of touch screens and has increased the level of competition among players in the touch screen panels market. These factors are likely to bolster growth avenues in the touch screen panels market in the coming years.

 Touch screens are commonly used in tablets PCs and smartphones. In addition to these, these screens are also used in wearable devices, medical devices, automotive, digital signage, e-book readers, camcorders, and personal digital assistant (PDA). Notebooks, portable gaming devices, and portable media players (PMPs) are some other applications of touch screens. So, on the basis of these increasing applications, the touch screen panels market has been projected to experience sales opportunities in the foreseeable years.

Asia Pacific has been projected to grow at a rapid pace in the touch screen panels market in the near future. This rapid growth is owing to a noteworthy increase in the sale of smartphones in India and China. These factors may drive touch screen panels market growth in the coming years.


Touch Screen Panels Market: Obstacles

Certain problems related to the technical capabilities of touch screen panels have been predicted to curtail the growth avenues in the touch screen panels market in the following years. These issues commonly occur when it comes to the consumption of power, response time, and refresh rate. For the task of a rapid refresh of the large screen, these panels are supposed to cover a noticeable surface area along with the collection of data from required intersections before their processing. So, the consumption of the power by these panels has also been estimated to serve as a vital factor to restrict the expansion opportunities in the touch screen panels market throughout the forecast period.

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