Tissue Paper Market – Know the factors will hinder the growth of the market

Tissue papers are primarily used for hygiene and sanitation purposes because they are easy to use and can be utilized to clean and then dry wet surfaces. Furthermore, they are inexpensive, easily available, and are biodegradable, which is likely to foster expansion of the global tissue paper market in near future. Tissue papers are made from softwood and hardwood tree pulp, as well as chemicals and water.  Pulping and retting, adding colour or components to reinforce and improve the water-retaining capacity, and pressing the product to mould into the required shape are all part of their manufacturing process.

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The demand for personal hygiene products such as tissue papers has increased around the world as income levels have risen and people’s hygiene awareness has increased. Additionally, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has augmented demand for various hygiene products such as paper towels and toilet paper in both the healthcare and residential sectors, as well as in critical services. Aside from that, a few of the industry’s leading firms are emphasizing on the development of premium quality goods with softness, strength, and high absorbency. To broaden their product offerings, they’re working on perforated, scented, embossed, or colored tissues. Furthermore, in response to growing environmental problems, they are using more ecologically sustainable raw materials, such as bamboo, to make organic tissues that are free of brightening agents.

Rise in Healthcare Spending and Booming Tourism Industry to Augur Well for the Market

One of the key factors promoting the growth of the tissue paper market is increased public awareness about health and hygiene. The low penetration of tissue paper replacements, cost-effectiveness, ease of use around the world are some of the other major factors likely to determine the future course of global tissue paper market. Furthermore, the rising female workforce has resulted in an increase in the use of these products, which is further likely to boost the global tissue paper market. In addition, the growth of the market is estimated to be fueled by an increase in healthcare spending and a shift in consumer lifestyles. Demand for tissue paper items is likely to rise due to the growing hospitality and tourism industries around the world. For example, due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 all over the globe, the cost of transportation of tissue papers is rising faster than its real cost, which would have a negative impact on the expansion of the tissue paper market. However, fluctuating prices of raw materials and growing concern about deforestation is expected to stymie the expansion of the global tissue paper market.

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