This New Alloy to Increase Efficiency of Solar Cells

The field of solar energy generation has gained traction across the globe. A number of research entities have achieved groundbreaking developments in this field. The most important factor concerning solar cells is their efficiency and performance. Researchers at Colorado State University have made key progress in improving the performance of solar cells.

The researchers have gone an extra mile to test non-silicon materials that can improve solar cell performance. They concentrated on replacing silicon with new materials that can give promising results. The researchers have found cadmium telluride as an energy-efficient alternative to silicon. The dotted rows on the solar panels’ rooftop are made of crystalline silicon.

Researchers Improve Performance Index

The researchers further investigated the performance index of solar cells to increase their efficiency. They found that addition of selenium to solar cells may further improve their performance. Researchers at Colorado State University collaborated with a team at Loughborough University, UK. Nature Energy Journal mentions these findings under the “News and Views” section primarily on the alloying of cadmium telluride and selenium.

Selenium Nullifies Effects of Atomic Shortcomings

The research investigated reasons behind the stellar efficiency of selenium-cadmium telluride alloys in solar cells. Further, selenium has the ability to nullify the effects of atomic shortcomings in cadmium. Besides this, the researchers tested the efficiency of conventional solar cells against the new models. As a result, it boosted their confidence in alloying selenium and cadmium for improved efficiency.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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