The Metrix Company Recalls Leaking IV Bags from the Market

A Dubuque Iowa based medical company -The Metrix Company is recalling its 120 lots of IV bags from the market. The reason for the recall is stated as the leakage in chamber driver rod of the IV bags. The announcement was made of 9th September 2019 shocking entire empty IV bags market. The IV bags are marketed under the banner of ExactMix. The company states that this leakage can cause serious infection to the patients and hence is recalling its latest manufactured lot. The announcement got its FDA approval on 10th September 2019.

The IV bags are used in intravenous admixture program to store and deliver parental admixtures to the patient. The empty bas are filled with the admixture by a healthcare provider under favorable pharmacy environment.

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How did the Company Come to Know About the Issue?

The recall is the result of eight complaints of spilling IV bags, in which the leakage happened close to the partitioning rod and channel, when the detachable rod was to be removed from the bag. Utilization of imperfect item, with a ruptured sterile barrier could bring about genuine contamination to the patient. Consequent examination demonstrates the issue was a result of glitch in assembly machine, exerting excessive pressure on the rod, channel, and IV bag film bringing about a possibility to cause a material irregularity that is covered until the rod is evacuated at the purpose of utilization. This recall made the players of global empty IV bags to have even strict monitoring of the manufacturing of the IV bags. Also, a final inspection is also called by players for the IV bags before reaching the empty IV bags market.

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Fortunately, there isn’t any case recorded that shows a death happened as a result of infection caused by leaking bags from empty IV bags market. Although this recall shall definitely impact the budget of The Metrix Company in a substantial manner and is will also cause a steep downfall of the company in global empty IV bags market.

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