Tennis Equipment Market – Growth in Landscape Decoded

A stellar growth rate would be charted by global tennis equipment market over the forecast period of 2019 to 2029. One of the biggest factors that have generated massive revenue in the market is commercialization of sports. This is true across nations and economies. Number of tournaments related to the tennis sport is increasing and thus attracting heavy investments from stakeholders. This is set to drive the global tennis equipment market on an upward growth trajectory.

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It is pertinent to note here that several trends and drivers other than commercialization of sports are influencing growth in the market. Some of these are endorsement of certain brands of tennis equipment by celebrities and professional tennis players. Guidelines to handle crisis are currently being noted as organizations such as All India Tennis Association (AITA) looks for ways to handle crisis situations – COVID-19.

Additionally, the sport has garnered attention of betters and gamblers. Parents are also motivating their children to gather right skills for the popular sport. This is rapidly pushing the market on a higher growth curve. Establishment of societies and new sports clubs is facilitating this further.

It is pertinent to no note here that as far as the regional charts are concerned, Europe and North America will hold a prominent place owing to growth in participation in the sport. This is also set to offer notable opportunities, leading to growth. As far as the countries are concerned, Russia, France, and the United States of America will hold a notable share.

Currently top players operating in the fragmented vendor landscape of global tennis equipment market are focusing upon advancement in technology and bringing forth state-of-the-art designs. For instance, significant focus is on bettering shock absorption and ball control ability. Piston pulley system and aerodynamic design is gaining popularity. Prominent names include Adidas AG, Wilson Sporting Goods, Bike Inc, YONEX Co. Ltd.

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