Teflon Food Grade Market Sees Substantial Revenue Streams in Cookware

Teflon is the trade name of polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE, by DuPont is a high-end thermoplastics that has been popularly used in food grade gasket. The rise in food industry applications is one of the key trends in the Teflon food grade market. Teflon is well-known for its non-stickiness and hence have been commercialized in food grade compliancy. A wide range of cooking appliances incorporate non-stick Teflon coating. These have gathered immense steam among health-conscious consumers. The chemical inertness over a wide temperature range has attracted the attention of food packaging industries over the years. Some of the other benefits Teflon coating offers are heat and water resistance. They have also score high on aesthetics of prospective customers. This is a key driver for opportunity in the Teflon food grade market.

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Rising use of FDA-approved virgin PTFE in the food and beverages industry has broadened the revenue potential for industry players in the market. The incorporation of new fillers has further enhanced the properties of Teflon food grade.

North America and Asia Have Been Lucrative Markets

A thriving non-stick cookware market in Asia Pacific has been hotbed of opportunities for the value chain in the Teflon food grade market. North America is one of the key consumers of Teflon food grade. Apart from food applications, the versatility of PTFE has also reinforced the opportunity for manufacturers and chemical companies in the market.

However, in recent years Teflon has come under scanner due to its supposed carcinogenic nature. But the results have not been of any significant concern, and key consumer markets have continued to use Teflon-coated cookware. A case in point is the consumer base in the U.S. A growing body of research hasn’t been able to arrive at any definitive results about the chemical. On the other hand, the sheen of the Teflon food grade continues to elevate, seeing new markets and new consumers, and, hence new revenue streams.

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