Technological Revolution in Medical to Drive Optical Microscope Market

Optical microscopy is a method used to closely view a sample with visible light by magnifying the lens. The traditional form of microscopy was originally invented and remains in use before the 18th century. One or more lenses, or even a series of lenses, are used in an optical microscope to magnify images of small, visible samples. In order to enhance the image to be examined in more detail, the lenses are placed between the sample and the viewer’s eye.

Technological developments have now permitted the taking of digital pictures for optical microscopes with the CMOS and CCD cameras. In order to check a sample with these digital microscopes, the image can therefore be projected onto a computer screen in real time. This makes it easier to use because eyewear are no longer required.

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Surge in Surgical Procedures to Boost Growth

The development of advanced products, such as rapid performance and easy processing techniques for samples, is expected to increase the penetration of microscopes. Furthermore, technical advancements to be integrated in high-definition and3-dimensional display modalities are expected to boost the microscopic demand during the forecast period. Surgical procedures relating to cancer and neuroscience require large image systems to enhance procedural success. Automation and artificial intelligence is one of the main factors that impact on market dynamics in magnified imaging equipment.

North America to Remain Key Regional Market

Because of heavy investment in research and development, North America held the largest share in the market for optical microscopes. Emerging markets like Asia Pacific and the Middle East are giving players on the market of optical microscopes growth opportunities.

Prominent vendors operating in the global optical microscope market include Bruker Corporation, JEOL Ltd., Nikon Corporation, KLA Tencor, and Hitachi High Technologies Ltd.

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