Technological Progress and Innovations to Support Growth of the Face Shield Market

Outbreak of global pandemic, Covid-19, has surged the sale of face shields worldwide. Prevalence of Covid-19 has worked in favor of the global face shield market in the years to come. Stringent rules and regulations pertaining to the occupational safety and health are expected to increase the sale of face shields. Government bodies and other agencies mandating companies to adhere to the norms of workers’ safety are likely to support growth of the global face shield market in the years to come.

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Technological innovation together with the evolving consumer demand for face protection for a wide variety of reasons is further expected to support expansion of the market in the years to come. The US is one of the leading regions in the global face shield market due to augmented awareness about health regulations and occupational safety in the country. At the backdrop of Covid-19 outbreak, manufacturers have shifted their focus and ramped up production to meet the surging demand for face shields.

Demand to Ride on the Back on Growing Need for Ensuring Workers’ Safety

Face protection is needed to safeguard employees against the hazards from industries like manufacturing, oil and gas, mining, healthcare, and construction. The face shields are utilized in industries and spaces where there exists potential risk to one’s health and life owing to radiation of light, flying particles, molten metal, liquid chemicals, caustic acids or liquids, chemical gases or vapors, mists, sprays, and cuts.

Face shields are usually durable in nature and hence, can be reused and cleaned. On the other hand, these shields might cause fogging or glare and can result in penetration of aerosol due to the non-availability of improved seal system around the face. The prevalence of coronavirus has made various healthcare facilities such as clinics, hospitals to tighten and extend measures of infection control. This factor is likely to encourage growth of the global face shield market in the forthcoming years.

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