Technological Advances Spur Areca Nuts Market in Asia Pacific

Areca nut is the fruit of South East Asian palm trees. However, there is a dependence on the geographic and climate circumstances of the region for the manufacturing of areca nut. Price variations are therefore largely dependent on areca nut manufacturing. The areca nuts are not used only for betel-leaf chewing, but also for numerous rituals in the Pacific nations of South East Asia. India is the world’s biggest consumer and manufacturer of areca nut. As a result of the elevated consumption of areca nut, the market for areca nut has grown mature on the worldwide market.

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Advances in Technology to Propel Areca Nut Market

In March 2018 a tractor with an attached sprayer and a drone was introduced by the Central Plantation Crops Research Institute in India (CPCRI) to tackle these issues. The tractor-mounted sprayers are able to spray up to a height of 100 feet copper sulfate solution. The drone, developed by CPCRI, has a 15-liter tank capability that can cover surface strips up to 3.5 meters and was developed in cooperation with Bangalore’s General Aeronautics. These technological changes have broadened the market growth opportunities by enhancing the quality and manufacturing rate of areca nuts.

Asia Pacific to Remain Most Lucrative Regional Market

With over 90% of the worldwide market share, the Asia Pacific is the biggest market for Arabian nuts in the globe. India is both the biggest producer and the consumer of areca nut. The market in Asia Pacific has founded itself well, while a number of public laws and public awareness have led to market maturity. The MEA region and Sub-Saharan Africa in particular, offers the areca nuts with a small market. All the above statistics and facts show that in south-east Asia Pacific nations the production of areca nut is focused while other areas of the world show a weak marketplace.

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