Techniques for Restaurant Owners for Better Food Waste Management

Studies suggest that there are billions of people who are unable to make bread twice a day. To be precise, more than 925,000,000 million people across the globe sleep empty stomach. Moreover, what’s alarming is the amount of food that gets wasted every day. Researchers say that more than 1,300,000,000 billion tons of food gets wasted every year across the world! Throwing away the food is as a good as stealing it from the poor and hungry. On an average, ~ 30 to 40% of food is wither thrown away or rots lying in the storage unit of restaurants. Food wastage has become a major issue that needs undivided attention of social workers and food and beverage industry.

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It’s high time that food and beverages industry take measures to lower down the food wastage so that it can reach to the people who are in dire need. This is where food waste management market’s solution come in handy. The solution can help businesses from F&B industry along with the restaurant owners to optimize their consumption saving lots of money and food.

Benefits Offered by Food Waste Management Solutions

An optimal food waste management solution offers following benefits to the F&B players in the market:

  1. Helps in Stock Rotation: Vendors of food waste management market have designed their solutions in such a manner that they can keep track of the inventory of a restaurant. They can help the restaurant owners to rotate their stocks so that wastage of the food can be brought down to as minimum as possible.
  • Maintain the Quality: As a result of innovative sensors integrated to the solution, food in the storage unit can be regularly monitored in real-time. This allows the restaurants to track the condition of the food item kept in the unit. As a result of real-time monitoring the food item can be sorted on the basis of their expiration period. This as a result can allow the restaurant to trim down their overall food wastage and help save them tons of money.

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These are just 2 of many benefits that a food wastage management market’s solution offer to the restaurant owners. Some more benefits of these solutions are:

  • Automated Labeling of Food Items
  • Regulatory Inspection of Food Items
  • Maintain the Temperature of the Pantry
  • Sort the Food Items on the Basis of Recyclability
  • Prepare Portion of Food for Optimal Consumption

As a result of these benefits, the global food waste management market is experiencing a substantial growth these days. Moreover, rising demand for trimming down the food wastage is also expected to boost the growth of global food waste management market in coming years.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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