Global Xylitol Market Gains Popularity as Calorie Consciousness Rises

The demand within the global market for xylitol has been expanding at a robust rate, majorly due to the lesser amount of calories present in xylitol. Xylitol is essentially a polyol or alcohol that can be used a sweetener in several foods and beverages. Xylitol has replaced sugar across several sub-segments of the food and beverages industry because of the healthier appeal of the former. Xylitol is believed to contain 40% lesser calories as against normal sugar, and this enhances the popularity of the former. A report by TMR Research brings to light the key drivers, opportunities, and restraints floating in the global xylitol market. The title of the report is “Xylitol Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2018 – 2028”.

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The rising incidence of diabetes has necessitated the use of xylitol across a range of sugar-free products. This has created an increased demand within the global market for xylitol and has given an impetus to the growth of the market vendors. People suffering from metabolic disorders or obesity are also advised not to consume foods with high-calories or sugar. Hence, xylitol has emerged as a viable alternative for sugar in the food and beverages industry. Besides this, xylitol is also used in daily-use products such as toothpastes, gums, mouthwash, and candies.

The demand for xylitol in North America has been escalating at a robust rate over the past decade, and this boisterous growth rate of the market owes to a range of factors. Primarily, the number patients suffering from obesity, diabetes, and metabolic disorders is higher across the US and Canada; and secondly, calorie-conscious customers in the region are also present in huge numbers.

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