Xbox One X Announced at E3: Microsoft Back to Basics with a Bang

Microsoft Corporation has announced its latest gaming console, the Xbox One X, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), held in Los Angeles. The One X marks a return of the Xbox series to being a gaming-centric platform rid of other multimedia applications. The 2013 launch of the Xbox One was notable for its emphasis on extracurricular activities, so to speak, as the console sported the ability to function as a digital television set, in addition to several other Internet-based applications. Recognizing the lack of positive response, Microsoft has returned to the essentials of what made Xbox consoles great in the first place: trendsetting technical specifications.

Xbox One X vs. PlayStation4 Pro: Microsoft’s New Offering the Clear Leader

The Xbox One X, codenamed ‘Project Scorpio’, will feature 12 GB RAM and a graphics unit offering 6 teraflops of processing power. Both figures stand out against the 8 GB RAM and 4.2 teraflops offered by Sony’s PlayStation4 Pro. The Xbox One X also holds another vital edge over the PS4 Pro in this titanic battle of gaming consoles: the ability to render games in 4K HD resolution. While the PS4 Pro can play 4k videos, the Xbox One X has entered uncharted territory with its ability to offer native support for 4K gaming.

Backward Compatibility could Ensure Strong Sales Trajectory for XboX One X

Apart from the superb native graphic and processing power, Microsoft has also made the Xbox One X backwards-compatible with all previous Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. Games with the necessary graphic properties will also look much better on the Xbox One X’s superior graphic options, as the latter uses ‘super-sampling’ to improve the user’s visual experience in older Xbox games when played on 1080p TVs.