Xanthan Gum Milks Food and Beverages Success in Audacious China

San Francisco, California, June 28, 2017 : The global xanthan gum market is envisioned to showcase a dominating scenario in terms of growth on the back of a continuing demand in the progressive food and beverages sector. As per a market research publication authored by TMR Research, titled “Xanthan Gum Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017–2025,” the food and beverages sector is evaluated to secure a more than 50.0% of the total consumption share. The demand for xanthan gum could be relatively high across a variety of food products such as sauces and salad dressings and dairy offerings such as ice creams.

The immanent precedence of xanthan gum over other types of hydrocolloids could be a chief factor driving the demand in the market. However, the world xanthan gum market is expected to be challenged by import restrictions on the part of lucrative geographies such as China and Austria and reinforced anti-dumping policies across several developed nations. The increasing suspicion about the quality of products supplied by China could add to the worries of the world xanthan gum market. Nevertheless, vendors across the world xanthan gum market are prognosticated to strengthen their position by tapping into new regional zones, bolstering their distribution channels, and concentrating on the enlargement of their current production scenes.

Despite the pressure on China, the gigantic demand in the country is foretold to place Asia Pacific in a very strong position. Asia Pacific could account for an overriding share and expand at a staggering pace in the international xanthan gum market. Other markets, such as India, are also predicted to set the Asia Pacific region to reach a new high in the coming years. This could be due to the flourishing growth of their food and beverages sector.

North America is envisaged to trail Asia Pacific for the next few years and attain maturity in the process as it rides on the augmented usage of xanthan gum in various industrial applications. CP Kelco’s expansion in North America is a fine instance to follow. Nonetheless, other regions such as Latin America and the Middle East and Africa could exhibit a dawdling pace of demand growth in the international xanthan gum market.

The authors of the report paint the worldwide xanthan gum market to witness a mainly consolidated nature of its vendor landscape during the course of the forecast period. Leading companies such as The Aurora Chemical, Hebei Xinhe Biochemical Co., Fufeng Group Company Limited, MeiHua Holdings Group Co., Ltd., and Archer Daniels Midland Company could look to sustain their supremacy in the worldwide xanthan gum market.