Adopting More Renewable Energy in The Global Energy Mix creating New Demand Avenues for Wind Turbine Bearings

Vast strides the renewable industry has taken in the recent years have given increasing impetus to the wind turbine industry across the globe. The evolution of the wind turbine bearings market has gained considerable strength from this growth impetus.

Usually wind turbine bearings are of relatively larger size and are used in various places across the nacelle of wind turbines, most notably in gearboxes and shafts. The need for reducing early failures of these bearings is crucial for a decent lifecycle of wind turbines. The market has witnessed large strides from the growing deployment of wind mills gaining traction across the renewable industry.

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The market is expected to witness big gains from the growing shift of end-use industries toward adoption of renewable industries. The energy sector is increasingly capitalizing on the growing attractiveness of renewable power based on wind energy or hybrid energy in several developing and developed regions. The inclination toward adopting more renewable energy in the global energy mix is attributed to the growing industry efforts to transition to low-carbon economy. Also, recently regulatory curbs on capping emissions from use of fossil fuels has emerged as compelling proposition driving the demand for wind turbines, hence bolstering the use of the bearings.

Advancement in Manufacturing Technologies to meet End-user Needs of More Reliable Wind Turbine Bearings

The rising demand for high-quality bearings for optimizing the lifecycle of wind turbines has led to the use of advanced computer simulation technologies in their manufacturing. On the other hand, there is rising demand for wind turbine bearings that can fit different types of shafts and can used for multiple functionalities. In this regard, efforts of manufacturers to bring innovation in the designs of gearbox bearings may prove to be profoundly lucrative for the global market. The rising adoption of heat treatment technologies for improving the reliability of wind turbine bearings is also opening new prospects in the market.

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