Wiliot to Launch Battery-free Bluetooth Sensor Tag

The tech-savvy people are thinking about what they might achieve with the Bluetooth sensor tag attached with an ARM processor. This is a battery-free Bluetooth sticker. It collects energy from radio frequencies for the proper working of the sticker.

Wiliot, one of the semiconductor manufacturing companies headquartered at San Diego has manufactured this sticker. Tal Tamir, CEO of the company said that disposable electronics, the battery-free and low-cost products would drive adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT).

On January 14, 2019, the company presented the sticker Bluetooth sensor tag with ARM processor is scavenging energy from radio frequencies. The team said the sticker-sized stamp could power and improve the talking on phone. The company will prove this sticker on 13 to 15 January in New York City, in the event at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.

This sticker has potential applications in the ARM processor, weight sensor, temperature sensor, and cloud-based authentication and description.

The team of the company described the sticker as a simple antenna for authenticating the proximity of product and transmitting serial number and with weight and temperature.

About the Wiliot:

The initial vision of Wiliot was creating advanced communication devices with low or affordable prices. The company is focusing on manufacturing disposable products. Now, the company is focusing on manufacturing the products with cloud connectivity and improving previous products, which are non-Internet or the connected device. This product is using radio waves, for energy generation as the radio waves are present everywhere.

The company is trying to recycle the unused radio signals from Wi-Fi, cellular signals, and Bluetooth.