Proliferation of Cloud to Propel Wholesale Carriers Market

San Francisco, California, January 24, 2019 : In the past three years, traditional wholesale margins of voice traffic have been steadily declining, putting significant pressure on carriers to speed up their new services. By contrast, the explosion of data traffic gives the wholesale company a new life. For many players, network services and managed services have become strategically important.

Wholesalers are facing continued demand from traditional customers with increasingly complex requirements (e.g. the billing pay- as- you go, the dynamic allocation of bandwidth). New demand channels from retail suppliers of different stripes have also emerged.

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Surge in Digitalization to Spur Growth

The global telecoms industry is transitioning, retail telco suppliers are witnessing a number of systemic threats and new digital opportunities interrupting their models. These winds of change affect global wholesale suppliers, as traffic bases and traditional economy grow and the nature of the wholesale demand shifts. In order to unblock new wholesale growth drivers in the digital transformation era, global wholesalers need to evolve towards new business models and services.

Internet Players to Play Key Role in Boosting Opportunity

In combination with the emergence of roam- like mobile homes and the roaming regulations designed to reduce global roaming prices, retail telecommunication operators are pressuring them to maintain their voice margin and are also affecting wholesale termination prices. In order that new streams of services can be triggered and traditional international voice businesses are carefully managed, international wholesale companies need to use new drivers for market growth. The development of internet players, from cloud providers to OTTs, expands world- class wholesaler’s addressable market.

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Key vendors in the global wholesale carriers market are NTT Communications, BICS, Microsoft, Salesforce, iBasis, Tata Communications, and Google.