Timing of Supplement Consumption Influence Weight Management: Study

According to a new research study by a team of nutrition experts at Purdue University, people, who are looking to maintain their weight with protein supplements and strength training, should take their supplement with their meals. The research study is headed by Joshua Hudson, a postdoctoral research associate at Purdue. Another team member is Robert Bergia, a research assistant. The assessment was supported by the Department of Nutrition Science at Purdue and the findings of this study are published in Nutrition Reviews. Wayne Campbell, the professor of nutrition science and a senior author of this research study, stated that it makes a difference when one takes supplements during one’s meals; so consumers, who take protein supplements in between their meals as snacks, are less likely to manage their body weight successfully.”

Protein supplements are easily available via various distribution channels in ready-to-drink, solid and powdered forms, and, many a times, contain whey, soy proteins, or casein. These ingredients can help with weight loss, weight gain, or weight management on the basis of how they are included into an eating plan; if they are taken with meals or consumed as snacks. “This is actually the only time that the issue of timing related to the consumption of supplements in regard to the meals has been assessed. This review requires to be followed up by continuous studies to evaluate the consumption timing of protein supplements in regard to the meals in a better fashion,” Hudson added further.