Portable Water Needs Ups Global Water Purifier Market

San Francisco, California, Dec 28, 2017: The global water purifier market has been witnessing an upsurge in demand owing to the increased inclination and consciousness towards drinking portable water. Impure water is the prime cause of a variety of diseases and infections, which further expands the market for water purifiers. Contemporary times have seen a storm of innovations in the market and various types of water purifiers have surfaced in the market. Activated carbon, ozone, filtration, activated carbon, reverse osmosis, and ultra-filtration are the various types of water purifiers that are catering to the rising need for clean drinking water. The report titled, “Water Purifier Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025” sheds light on the recurring trends in the market and outlines the figurativeness of the market. The market is expected to grow at a respectable CAGR over the forecast period, predict the researchers at TMR.

The quality analysis of water supplied in households reveals that there is a rising toll of impure water across various regions. This has caused an uprising amongst the general populace to ensure access to cleaner water which is possible by purifying it. This substantially augments the demand for water purifiers across the globe. Furthermore, the rising population accompanied by growing industrialization brings an onus upon various industries to ensure that the water within their premises used for multiple purposes is unaffected by the population growth. Moreover, a higher disposable income facilitates a better living standards and people can comfortably address their health concerns. An ardent part of the bettering living standards is the installation of water purifiers in households which bolsters the global market. The water treatment plants installed by various governmental organizations has significantly upticks the demand for water purifiers. Rising global warming and scanty fresh water reserves are amongst the extrinsic factors that consolidate the market.

The unawareness about water purifiers and the inability to afford these systems hampers the market to a certain extent. However, the rising toll of water-borne diseases has shifted the focus towards water purifiers, thus, keeping the market prospects intact.

The industry for water purifiers is venturing into new avenues bringing in immense innovation and technological savviness. The advancement in the domain has been stupendous with Wi-Fi-enabled purifiers surfacing the market. More so, water purifiers have even enabled electric facilities, which is another important standpoint for the market. With a growing toll of initiative taken by the national governments to supply cleaner water across all regions offers scope for growth to the market dwellers. The Asia Pacfic region is expected to register the highest growth rate over the coming years because there are large spaces for market players to grow. The rising population in this region coupled with the need to have access to basic life standards, offers great opportunities within the regional market. South America also offer great scope for the market to grow and prosper. Other regions to look out for in the market for water purifiers include Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and North America.

The market players are expected to bank on innovation in order to gain traction from the consumers. Walty, dealing in solar-powered water purifiers, has added the perks of innovation by inducting its products with Wi-Fi reach within a kilometer range. The various market players include Brita GmBH, Pentair Residential Filtration, LLC, Kent RO Systems Ltd., Culligan International Company, Eureka Forbes, Tata Chemicals Ltd, GE Corporation, and A.O Smith Corp. (Aquasana, Inc.).

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