Growing Demand for Seafood is Helping Growth of Warm Water Aquaculture Feed Market

In recent times, there has been a considerable rise in demand for seafood. This increasing demand is because of the growing popularity and consumption of seafood across the globe. People have become more experimental and open to trying new dishes and cuisines and that has led to the surging demand for seafood. Crustaceans, shrimps, and different types of fish are some of the most popular seafood products. Thus, to cater to this growing demand, it has become imperative to feed the aquatic livestock with healthy and nutritious food. Fishes and shrimps particularly need specific nutritional supplements in relation to body chemistry, minerals, vitamin, fibers, proteins, and energy. Therefore, the growth of the warm water aquaculture feed market is on the rise.

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With warm water aquaculture feed, it becomes easier to stimulate the growth of the fish and also improve the feed ingestion and ingredient dispersion. Moreover, the growth of the warm water aquaculture feed market helps in the mass production of seafood. Such factors are thus helping to drive the growth of the global warm water aquaculture feed market.

There have been several advancements and developments in the global warm water aquaculture feed market. Some of the notable developments are listed down below:

  • Cargill recently announced the launch of their first feed mill in the Indian subcontinent. This feed mill will cater to development of aquatic livestock. This mill was acquired from Mulpuri Food and Feed. The company’s objective is to enhance the quality of feed that will help in better production. In addition to this, it will aid the company to expand and cement its position in the Asia Pacific region.
  • IN 2018, Nutreco announced that the company has joined hands with West Coast Group. The joint venture was formed with an objective to supply aquaculture feed to West Coast Group. Moreover, this association also planned to develop a state-of-the art production facility in the western parts of India.

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