Volkswagen Will Revive Electric Microbus

Volkswagen has announced that it will be working on Microbus and make it run on electricity. Popular for road trips, Microbus is recognized as a hippy bus with bug eyes. It is expected that the new model will be available by the year 2022 in the countries such as the U.S. and China and European countries. This model is production version of vehicle I.D. Buzz that was revealed at Detroit Auto Show earlier this year.

I.D. Buzz Concept is the Most Exciting and Most Beautiful Car, says Officials

Chairman of the Board of Management, Volkswagen said that for him the I.D. Buzz concept is the most exciting and most beautiful electric car concept in the world. Furthermore, in his statement, he said that their goal is clear, which is to make bestseller car around the world, which is fully connected and fully electric. In the electric age Volkswagen must be the producer of iconic electric cars. Debuted in the year 1950, Volkswagen’s original Type 1 Microbus was made of only 30 horsepower. This new version has electric motors on each wheel and delivers 369 horsepower. Volkswagen revealed that the fast-charge battery system installed in this car can restore its 80% of energy in just 30 minutes at 150 kW. The officials said that the I.D. Buzz will be the new Volkswagen.

The scandal of damaging emissions has already resulted in the penalty of $25 billion to Volkswagen. The introduction on new electric model is expected to help the company sustain its position in the global market.