Microsoft Acquires AltspaceVR to Push into Virtual Reality Market

The vast possibilities of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) has lured a number of technology giants to make a foray, and Microsoft Corporation is not the one to stay behind. The company is facing stiff challenge from the advancements made in aforementioned fields by companies such as Apple Inc., Facebook, Sony, and HTC, they have poured in more financial might to gain ground over the competition. On Tuesday, Microsoft completed the acquisition of the AltspaceVR team, strengthening its progress with Samsung on the Odyssey mixed reality headset and integrating it with SteamVR.

This acquisition is a substantial initiative by the Windows and Xbox Company to create hardware and software around its highly famous operating system. However, did not reveal the specifics of the deal, simply saying AltspaceVR is joining Microsoft. This also means Samsung, the South Korean Company, is also developing Windows based mixed reality headsets, which will be available in a bundle with motion controllers for US$499.

Microsoft Forming a Niche by Mixing AR and VR into Same Headset
Currently, augmented reality seems to be the leading segment, led by Google’s ARCore and Apple’s ARKit, as these can work with millions of smart devices consumers are already using. On the other hand, virtual reality requires expensive headsets and personal computers that are powerful enough to run the software. Now, Microsoft is trying to find a niche for itself by mixing the two, AR and VR, and produce a transformative technology.