Easy Composition of Tweetstorm Possible, Twitter Working on It

Twitter has created a new feature for easy composition of tweetstorms – required for posting a ‘more than 140-character tweet. The long tweet threads have become very common over the last couple of years. However, sabotaging the limit of 140 character by chaining the tweets together into a tweetstorm requires some proficiency and it seems as Twitter has created a way to compose tweet threads ahead of time and post them all together. Twitter has still kept it under wrap. Inside the existing twitter app for Android, a method to write a tweetstorm that can be broken into several distinct tweets and can be tweeted at once is hidden.

Twitter can make the sharing of the expanded thoughts a lot more accessible to all by institutionalizing the tweetstorms using a graphic user interface. Chaining together the facts of a breaking news, telling a thrilling story, or just going on an interminable rant that should actually be a blog post, tweetstorms lets ‘twitteraties’ distribute deep as well as more distinct content.

A twitter user with a pseudonym, Devesh Logendran, passed on his finding of the tweetstorm feature to Matt Navarra, the director of social media at TNW. However, Twitter refrained from revealing anything on the records, when contacted. No additional information on this matter have been found out. The launch date of this feature, or, if it will ever be introduced is yet to be known but this is presently not available for public testing.