Tricyclazole Embraces High Demand with Snowballing Food Production

San Francisco, California, August 16, 2017: The global tricyclazole market is predicted to play a vital role in the fungicide market, according to a market research publication authored by TMR Research. Bearing the title “Tricyclazole Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 – 2025,” the report foresees opportunities birthing from rising food production. This could be on account of changing dietary preferences and surging world population. The growth dynamics of the market are predicted to hold a close relation with that of the fungicide market.

Paddy is expected to secure a larger share for tricyclazole in the coming years because of the increasing population in Asia Pacific and Sub-Saharan Africa. Rice is considered as a staple food in most of the coastal regions of the world. Preparation of a broad scope of recipes using rice and the ease of cooking the grain could bolster its demand. Furthermore, rice could achieve the status of a key component in the agricultural sector, which is expected to attract investments in research and development for increasing paddy output. Farmers around the world could adopt innovative strategies to improve profitability and yield, with a view to fulfill the elevating demand for food grains. One of the ways to achieve this is projected to be augmenting the usage of tricyclazole.

Although tricyclazole could face a discouraged demand in the market due to its environmental toxification drawback, it is anticipated to still garner growth considering its lower level of toxicity compared to other fungicide chemicals. One of the primary reasons of crop damage in paddy fields is blast. However, tricyclazole possesses the ability to keep blast disease in paddy at bay. Besides this, it could find application in non-agricultural usages such as paints. Moreover, it could be applied to kill certain insects and mites.

Prognosticated to be followed by North America, Europe is forecasted to top the chart in terms of demand. However, Latin America and Asia Pacific could also testify a strong growth in the international tricyclazole market in the coming years. This could be on account of a significant demand for food crops and growing investments in the agricultural sector. There could be an increased interest in the application of tricyclazole in the Brazil market of Latin America, owing to the growth of coffee as a major crop. Compared to other fungicide markets, tricyclazole is prophesied to showcase a faster growth in the near future.

Key companies such as Hangzhou Lochem Industrial Co., Ltd., BASF SE, and Bayer CropScience are envisioned to exhibit their prominence in the worldwide market for tricyclazole.

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