Researchers Suggest Solution to Traffic Congestions

While technology has come a long way in terms of interconnecting people but still, there is no limit to the requirement for individuals to be at different locations in swiftest manner possible. Road travel extracts substantial daily time for one and all but congestions due to over-traffic has emerged as a common problem across all metropolitan areas. Now, researchers from the Cologne and New York have come up with a new content of future traffic management.

Technology will be taking stock of real time volumes of traffic across different locations and bringing in a concept of tolls that will in turn avoid traffic jams as well as protect the environment. The researchers have argued that the current congestions are mostly caused by general public using tolled roads, which is unfair. The technology will be able to transform itself in terms of volume of traffic and change the toll during the rush hour and provide information to everyone in terms of which route suits them the best.

Technically speaking, this road toll would be dynamic with system for telecommunication and navigation, applications and GPS data of the drivers, and gauge traffic volumes. The system would be leveraging modern cryptology that will enable the toll operators to charge fees without the requirement of exposing the private travel information of individuals. For instance, if pricing on the left most lane that is often used as multi-lanes or changing lanes will become another option against the main lane, which would be charged extra. This way, everyone benefits, claim the researchers.