Scientists at UC, Davis Unveiled All New Total-Body Scanner

Recently, scientists at the University of California, Davis Ramsey Badawi and Simon Cherry have developed a scanner named EXPLORER that can image the entire body at the same time. This scanner is a combined x-ray computed tomography (CT) and positron emission tomography (PET). This scanner is capable to produce an image within seconds and is more efficient as machine captures radiation far more efficiently than other scanners. The developers believed that the technology would be used in different domains such as disease tracking progression to improving diagnostics in researching new drugs therapies.

Shanghai-based United Imaging Healthcare (UIH) was their strategic partner while developing the scanner. They have initially built the system, which is based on its recent technology platform and in future will manufacture the devices for the bigger healthcare market.

As per the statement was given by Simon Cherry, a distinguished professor in the UC Davis Department of Biomedical Engineering said that the first scan from the scanner as amazing and has incredible details. He further added that there is still a lot of work to be done and EXPLORER has delivered roughly, what has been promised.

He further added by saying that he expects EXCPLORER will have a profound impact on patient care and clinical research as it can produce higher-quality diagnostic PET scans that weren’t possible before. Moreover, it can scan 40 times faster as compared to other PET scans available and is capable of conducting a diagnostic scan of the whole body within 20-30 seconds.