Demand for Quantum Dots Observed as an Emerging Trend

San Francisco, California, June 21, 2017: A new research report published by TMR Research indicates that the global top display technologies and devices market is likely to have a bright future in the coming years. The research report, titled “Top Display Technologies and Devices Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025,” discusses the historical events in the global market and compares them to the present-day situation to map the trajectory for the market. Additionally, it also gives an assessment of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats present in the overall market. According to the publication, the rapid pace of technological advancements is likely to be the key growth driver for the global top display technologies and devices market.

The various top display technologies used for making electronic devices are organic light emitting diodes (OLED), light emitting diodes (LED), virtual retinal, and quantum dots. Of these, the revenue earning for quantum dots is estimated to soar in the coming years due to increasing demand for high-quality resolution, better performance, and affordability. Additionally, the introduction of LED with quantum dots luminophores is also likely to change the game of this product segment in the foreseeable future. Benefits of luminophores are higher stability, lower energy consumption, cost-effectiveness, narrow emission band, and superior quantum yield. Collectively all these factors are estimated to make a noticeable contribution towards a phenomenal success of this product segment.

On the other hand, the demand for OLED is also likely to remain consistent throughout the coming years as it is extensively used in the production of consumer electronics. The increasing investment in research and development in OLED technology is also likely to favor the segment’s growth in the near future. In terms of geography, North America is likely to dominate the global top display technologies and devices market due to a strong presence of key players in the region. Asia Pacific is also likely to showcase a good growth rate in the overall market has the region witnesses a rising expenditure on smart devices and other consumer electronics.

Some of the leading players operating in the global top display technologies and devices market are Innolux Corporation, Google Inc., LG Display Co., Ltd., Panasonic Corporation, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Universal Display Corporation, Microvision Inc., and QD Vision Inc. The research report provides a detailed description of the competitive landscape present in the global market and the changing consumer dynamics that are likely to affect it. The publication also includes an assessment of the research and development activities of these players, their business and marketing strategies, and financial overview. The report is a comprehensive outlook of the global top display technologies and devices market that helps the readers gain valuable knowledge about the evolution of the market.