Rising Cosmetic Dentistry Stokes Demand for Tooth Filling Materials

San Francisco, California, June 21, 2017: The rising public awareness regarding oral hygiene has enabled the global tooth filling materials market showcase a robust trajectory between 2017 and 2025. To study factors that led to market’s rise during the period TMR Research has published “Tooth Filling Materials Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 – 2025.” This is a comprehensive report covering growth drivers, key restraints, and prospects for the market’s growth. It includes exhaustive information chalking the market’s historic trajectory. Besides this, data derived from trusted industrial sources are included as well.

Technological innovations have been key to the growth witnessed in the global tooth filling market. According to the WHO, nearly 60% to 90% school going children suffer from tooth decay and about 100% of adult population suffers from tooth cavity. Considering how widespread the problem is, the demand for tooth filling has continued to scale higher over the years. In the last few years, the demand for advanced dentistry has gained pace as well.

Considering the rising tobacco use, unhealthy diets, and poor oral hygiene, the coming years will bring lucrative opportunities to the market. This, coupled with the expanding market for cosmetic dentistry will remain chief growth drivers, enabling the market boast accelerated pace of gains. Also several governments across the world have started offering favorable reimbursement policies for tooth-related medical conditions, which have translated into increased sales opportunities for enterprises operating in the global tooth filling materials market.

Considering the rising demand for enhancing their beauty, a large number of people worldwide are seeking cosmetic procedures. As these procedures cost hefty in developed nations, more and more of people seeking cosmetic dentistry are looking toward East. The medical sector in countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, China, and India provide sophisticated medical and healthcare facilities at lower cost. Hence they have become popular destinations for medical tourism. The demand for dental procedures has escalated considerably in this sector. Growth in medical tourism will therefore create favorable growth opportunities for the tooth filling materials market. Furthermore, the rising geriatric population will enable growth as aged people are more prone to suffer dental problems.

Regionally, North America and Asia Pacific have emerged as most lucrative market for dental filling materials. On account of the increasing demand from Germany, the market witnesses favorable growth opportunities in Europe as well. Some of the most prominent companies operating in the global tooth filling materials market are DENTSPLY International, Kerr Corporation, SDI Limited, Kettenbach, Coltene Whaledent, DMG Chemisch-Pharmazeutische Fabrik, DenMat Holdings, Kuraray Noritake Dental, GC America, and Pentron Clinical Technologies.