UK, EU Tobacco Industry to be Bogged Down Further by Stricter Laws

The European Union (EU) had revised its policies on the sales and distribution of tobacco in the year old Tobacco Products Directive. Their hopes of reducing the number of smokers – especially young smokers – has been successful to a certain extent. The U.K., after Brexit, has made plans to take these regulations one step further.

Directive Points to Cases Where Regulations have Worked
The Tobacco Products Directive included rules such as banning flavored cigarettes, the inclusion of larger graphic images and warning signs. The E.U. has also provided proof that these actions are working to an extent, creating a state of aversion for smoking, and stating that pictorial depictions of the harmful effects of smoking have created a dip in smoker numbers in Brazil and Canada.

New Rules to Hit U.K. Cigarette Packaging Standards
The new rules are expected to be implemented in the U.K. by this weekend. One of the new rules requires e-cigarette manufacturers to supply details on the packaging regarding the amount of nicotine they use in each stick. The directive added that this was a move made to coincide with new packaging and labeling rules for e-cigarettes, something that the older regulations had overlooked.

The U.K. has also decided to step up its game against smoking by implementing new rules that completely standardize the packaging for cigarettes. According to the directive, all new cigarettes are to be sold in green packaging with mandatory graphic labels, with even the brand name to be printed on to the box or carton in a given standardized typeface. In addition, the minimum number of cigarettes to be sold per box has been increased to 20, thereby banning all half-packs of 10 cigarettes.