Tesla needs to Increase Prices in Shorter Term

A record number of combined number of units of Model X and Model S were delivered by Tesla in the most recent quarter, thought the team was chiefly concentrating on ramping up the production of Model 3. In spite of the record number of deliveries, the Model X and Model S custom design studios project ‘December Delivery’ for fresh orders, and this projection is likely to change to January moderately soon, representing over two month wait for products that are being manufactured and delivered in notable numbers and for years that have been out.

The demand for Model 3 is also off the hooks. The newest report states a number of 455,000 in reservations. And this number is only increasing by minute by unofficial reservation counter for Model 3.

The body line of Model X and Model S is optimized for 2,500 combines units each week. It boils down to approximately 125,000 combined units in a year keeping in mind a production year of 50 weeks. The production rate of Model X and Model S is touching its present limit. On the other hand, Model 3, at present, is lagging a few weeks than its estimated schedule of production, with almost 18 month waiting period.

However, it is not good business strategy to make customers wait for almost 18 months for new cars such as Model 3 or for other models which have been out there in the market for some time now. It’d be better if Tesla raise its costs, in the shorter term. The waiting list is only getting longer and lowering prices will not help the company, neither its shareholders because the company’s vision of transitioning to more sustainable energy is presently restricted by its own production capacity.

Tesla to Install its Superchargers in at Various City Centers

Tesla Inc. working on helping people in the city to own their electric cars without worrying about the plus at work or at home, focusing on downtown areas with the development of its supercharger network. According to a recent blog published by the company, the Tesla’s first downtown station is likely to be open for charging from Monday. It will be a 10-stall down area in Chicago and an eight-stall down area in Boston. The chargers will serve less power as compared to the ones those are situated along roadways or at longer-distance destinations such as resorts and lodges. This concludes that the drivers will be able to recharge their car’s battery within 45 to 50. Tesla is preparing for the landing of its Model 3 that happens to be its least expensive car yet, along the way to its expansion of supercharge network.

The Goal is to Have Half a Million Cars on Road by 2018

Pre-booking holders of the car, which begins at $35,000, are anticipated to come from more urban and younger section of the society, Jon McNeill said a year ago. CEO Elon Musk is relying on more mass-market requirements to help his goal-oriented plans for deals development, with the objective to create to half a million vehicles by 2018, which were about 84,000 last year. Tesla’s current superchargers can cover the distance of around 170 miles of range in 30 minutes. The urban superchargers will be intended to consume less room than those situated close to highways and other frequented driveways. The stations in the city area are being planned to be installed at most of the convenient and frequently visited locations such as supermarket, downtown districts, and shopping malls.

Tesla’s X P 100D Give a Run for Money to Family Cars in the Segment

The X P 100D from Tesla can give other family cars in the segment a run for their money. The vehicle is ideal for family needs from taking kids to practice to running to the store, it can sprint from 0 to 60 miles in 2.9 second. Although there are a range of fast crossovers and SUVs from Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, and BMW, the offering from Tesla is one of its kind. It is all-wheel drive with 603 horsepower and 713 pounds-feet torque.

As per Tesla, the model X has been designed using state-of-the-art technology. Using Motor Trend’s testing method, the vehicle has the capability to induce a nosebleed with a superbike speed of 2.9 second.

Model X Beats Supercars in 0 to 60 Miles Sprint

The raw effectiveness of the vehicle was displayed in a straight-up drag race with Lamborghini Aventador. The model X from Tesla priced at US$145,000 gave a smoke to the US$400,000 Lamborghini Aventador for a full quarter mile. While Lamborghini Aventador tried to catch up, it lagged the quickest time recorded so far for the supercar in the 10-second range.

The XP 100D from Tesla is a model to be reckoned for street legal driving. The vehicle outweighs what other some full-size pickups in the segment offer. Motor Trend’s data top 25 quickest list of 2015 reveals the family car from Tesla outruns other testicular machines in terms of speed.

While the acceleration of Aston is boasting at times, 5.8 liter naturally aspirated engine covers 60 miles in a total of 1.2 seconds more than model X P 100d.