Tesla Unveils Premier Official Image of its Newest Model Y

At its annual shareholder meeting, leading American automaker Tesla, Inc. utilized the opportunity by teasing upcoming products. It released the first ever official teaser image of its newest Model Y at the gathering. Although it has been speculated that the Model Y resembles the Model 3, Tesla declared that the Model Y is to be created on an entirely distinct manufacturing platform, confounding the audience.

Cameras to Replace Wing Mirrors

The teaser reveals a curious absence of wing mirrors, which might be replaced with cameras. Prior to this, the company had attempted to incorporate cameras in its Model X. However, it was unsuccessful in overcoming regulatory hurdles. Other automakers along with Tesla have been striving to gain the approval of regulatory bodies for replacing outside side-view mirrors with cameras since 2014 with little success. It is hoped that by the time Tesla’s new model is out, they will have achieved this objective.

Tesla Opts for Simpler Manufacturing to Avoid Repeating Model X Mistakes

The escalating demand for crossover SUVs across the U.S. will be satiated to some extent with the launch of the Model Y. Studies reveal that the year-to-date sales of crossover SUVs in the U.S. have leapt up by 9%, selling nearly 2.1 million SUVs.

Despite the fact that Tesla’s Model X has been missing out on the booming demand it previously received, it has been reported that the unit deliveries of Model X are rising steadily. However, customers have been facing problems due to excessive incorporation of technology in the vehicle. Tesla has been acknowledging these issues and is therefore planning to manufacture an easier and simpler crossover SUV that will also be affordable.