This Halloween Teal Pumpkin for Awareness about Child Food Allergies

Many a times, Halloween can be really tough on children suffering from severe food allergies. To make the holiday safer for them, the Teal Pumpkin Project is taking initiatives, which are quite beneficial. They are placing teal pumpkins on doorsteps that signify that the home is offering non-food presents for trick-or-treaters as a substitute to candies. Various items, such as markers and pencils, Legos, or bubbles can be fun substitutes to candies for trick-or-treaters. “Not everyone understands the allergies caused by food,” says Erica Kramer, whose son also suffers from food allergies. Teal is chosen to represents food allergy awareness initiatives and this project makes it easy for all the children to participate and enjoy the festivities.

As per Food Allergy Research and Education, in every classroom, two children suffer from a life-threatening food allergy, on an average. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that the prevalence of allergies caused by food in children has augmented by over 50% since 1997. With such a severe rise in food allergies, a number of schools have modified their policies regarding the treats, parties, and candies at school. However, nowadays, kids, who suffer from food allergies, are being targeted for it. Tonya Winders, the CEO and the President of Allergy Asthma Network, stated that they need to make people understand that food allergies among children is a real issue and bullying kids with these allergies does exist. There is a dire need to prevent it at all costs.