Growing Prevalence of Syncope in Elderly Populations to Bolster Uptake

San Francisco, California, August 30, 2017: The growing prevalence of syncope along with the significant comorbidities among a large subset of patients and the increasing incidence of the medical condition among elderly populations in various regions are the key factors driving the evolution of the market. The rising number of patients with syncope caused by mediated neural reflex across different settings and age groups is driving the syncope market.

A significant chunk of populations requiring hospitalization or intensive care is a key factor favorably impacting the market. A new report by TMR Research, titled “Syncope Market – Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017–2025”, offers elaborate analysis of the key drivers and restraints, notable trends, emerging opportunities, key factors driving the prominent segments, recent clinical developments, major technological advancements, and competitive landscape.

The increasing complexity of the diagnostic and therapeutic management of syncope among elderly patients, specifically those above 70 years of age, is a key factor propelling the demand for syncope treatment modalities. The pressing need for effective diagnostic methods and treatments for vasovagal syncope, responsible for recurrent syncope, is a crucial factor boosting the market. Recent studies in understanding the etiology and pathophysiology of vasovagal syncope has continuously improved the diagnosis rate in elderly patients, thereby catalyzing the market. Among this set of population, the prevalence of trauma in the medical condition is caused by carotid sinus hypersensitivity, is expected to catalyze clinical developments in the market.

The worsening life quality and the need to reduce the duration of hospitalization in elderly patients are factors expected to further accentuate the market. The increasing incidence of ischemic heart disease in various populations and the growing prevalence of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are factors expected to boost the global market. The need for minimizing the risk of sudden cardiac arrest caused by arrhythmias and severe CVD is a key trend stimulating the demand for reliable diagnostic procedures in the market. This has intensified the need for risk stratification in patients suffering from severe cardiac disorders.

The growing demand for pre-hospital management procedures in the management of cardiac syncope and recent advances in non-pharmacological therapies are crucial developments anticipated to accentuate the market over the forecast period. Recent advancements in protocols related to tests for diagnosing suspected vasovagal syncope are expected to bode well for the market over the forecast period. Regionally, Europe and North America are prominent markets for syncope diagnostics and therapeutics, primarily attributed to a robust healthcare infrastructure, large number of clinical developments, and increasing prevalence of CVD. Meanwhile, developing countries from around the world are expected to witness a growing demand for monitoring devices for syncope. In addition, recent technological advancements in diagnostics in emerging nations is also expected to boost the market.

Some of the major treatment modalities can be nutrient supplement intake, benzodiazepines, anticholinergics, and vasopressors. Key vying for a sustained share of the syncope market include Spacelabs Healthcare, Inc., Boehringer Biotel, Inc., Sanofi Aventis, Fukuda Denshi Co., Philip Healthcare, Medtronic, Inc., Biotronik, and Medicomp, Inc.

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