Reduction in Carbon Foot Prints to Aggrandize Sustainability Outdoor Living Industry

Sustainability in outdoor living is an important and trending factor, thanks to the rising awareness among the consumers.

Outdoor living could mean different to different set of people, for some it is organic gardening, terrace gardening, outdoor entertainment, outdoor cooking, lawn and yard maintenance, etc,

Sustainability is the common factor for all outdoor living enthusiasts, what mostly drives them towards it is the zero emission or the reduced carbon foot print.

International Happy Earth Day marks its 50th anniversary on 22nd April 2022, taking inspiration from here the environmental laws were passed in the USA and other parts of the world. This led to the awareness in the sustainability in the outdoor living industry and started gaining momentum among the citizens across the globe.

Some of the factors that will further drive the substantiality in the outdoor living industry.

Swapping of Turf Grass to Boost the Outdoor Living Industry-

Most of the Americans spend a lot of time in their outdoor lawn maintenance, as a result the chemicals are applied to get rid of bugs, gases pollute air, etc. However, if the switch to landscaping bed, hardscaping elements instead of turf grass, it can create more sustainability.

Creating divergent pathways through the backyard, using paving stones around the pool and patio can be more sustainable in the outdoor living, owing to sustainability in the outdoor living industry to thrive.

Solar Power to Drive Sustainability in the Outdoor Living Industry

Switching to solar power will be an advantage for the sustainability in the outdoor living industry, solar power for heating the pool water, solar powered electronics in the lawn, solar powered landscape lighting are some of the options that a consumer can choose from.

Further, if the consumer uses outdoor kitchen, using the refrigerator under the covered patio, away from direct sunlight, the gas grills offer efficient cooking and do not emit as much smoke as a conventional one does. Also, as far as lighting in the lawn is concerned switching to LED lights ensures highest efficiency.

Eco Friendly Lawn Furniture to Intensify the Sustainability in the Outdoor Living Industry

While opting for patio furniture, the consumers can choose organic materials for the furniture and upholstery. The tables, chairs, etc can be of wood, bamboo, and the cushions, pillows, throws, can be made from wool, jute, cotton fabric, etc.

Moreover, these items are easy to reuse or recycle, and don’t add up in the waste list soon, thus thriving the sustainability in the outdoor living industry.

If the environment friendly consumers consider for more sustainable alternatives, this world will really be a beautiful place to leave. This is not limited to just one set of activists or nature loving people, these options should be considered by each one of us.

If not lawn and patio, the least we can do is pot planting using organic methods growing the plants. All of us can have fun with nature and sustainability if we wish to, such is the beauty in the sustainability in the outdoor living industry.