Study Highlights Probable Drug Combination for Spine Injury Treatment

Researchers at the Imperial College London revealed the results of their latest research on potential drug options for spine injury treatment. They stated that the combination of two present medications can boost the human body’s ability of recovery mechanisms. This research is open for access in the journal npj Regenerative Medicine.

Drug Combination Improves Recovery after Fractures or Surgery

The research team underlined the usefulness of medications that are presently used in bladder control or bone marrow transplant. In addition, they stated that these drugs are capable to improve the healing process following surgery or fractures. Moreover, the new study emphasizes the probability to improve the self-repairing system of the body using drug combinations. Scientists utilized a rat model to perform this study.

Professor Sara Rankin, the corresponding author of the research, stated, “The body consistently repairs itself. For healing of bones after breaking, there is a need for their stem cells activation. But, in case of damage, there are restrictions on what the body can do for its own healing. The present study on rats offers the possibility of using present medications for mobilization of stem cells. This will probably allow to call up additional numbers of these stem cells and aid in improving the ability of our body to mend itself. Moreover, this research will assist in speeding up the repair process. Additionally, the latest research might offer novel treatment options to heal all types of bone fractures.”

Moreover, the study used a CXCR4 antagonist and a beta-3 adrenergic agonist. These medications currently have use in bone marrow transplants and bladder control, respectively. Dr. Tariq Fellous is the first author of the study. He stated that the trial was successful in rat model. Furthermore, he underlined the need to carry out these trials in human model.