Specialty Medical Chairs Market: Growth Trajectory between 2020 and 2030

The specialty medical chairs market will observe positive growth across the assessment period of 2020-2030 on the back of the rising number of geriatric population numbers and the magnifying cases of cardiovascular and chronic diseases or disorders. The increase in other conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and orthopedic disorders will bring good growth opportunities for the specialty medical chairs market.

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Specialty medical chairs are prominently used for treatment, rehabilitation, or examination purposes. These chairs are designed according to the needs and the comfort of the patient. They are either manual or battery-powered. The elder population requires these chairs on a large scale as the prevalence of various disorders is high. All these aspects bode well for the growth of the specialty medical chairs market.

Escalating Disability Prevalence to Bring Good Growth Opportunities

Cases of disability are at an all-time high. The magnifying number of road accidents, meningitis, workplace injuries, and spinal cord injuries are leading to an increasing number of disabilities. The rising number of disabilities is directly proportional to the increase in the growth rate of the specialty medical chairs market. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has mentioned that nearly 53 mn individuals in the U.S. were suffering from some type of disability in 2013. These statistics signal the rising number of disabilities, which sow the seeds of growth across the specialty medical chairs market.

Asia Pacific to Emerge as a Champion Growth-Contributing Region

The specialty medical chairs market will record good growth during the forecast period from Asia Pacific. The region has inclining geriatric population numbers which will give rise to a number of diseases and disorders. Furthermore, the growing focus of the government bodies of numerous countries in the region on improving the healthcare infrastructure due to the constant onset of infections and other diseases will serve as a growth booster for the specialty medical chairs market.

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Specialty Medical Chairs Market: Customization Helps Clutch Major Demand by Catering to Unique Medical Needs

A burgeoning geriatric population is the main driver of demand for specialty medical chairs.  Other factors stoking market growth are growing healthcare outlays in developing countries and constant thrust on innovation to create better products by leading manufacturers such as Fresenius Medical Care, Invacare Corporation, and Topcon Medical Systems, Inc. One factor posing a challenge to the market for specialty medical chairs is their expensiveness and the steep cost of refurbishing old ones. In order to make the most of the opportunity in the market, success-hungry companies need to reduce prices.

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A noticeable trend in the global specialty medical chairs market is companies focusing on expanding their distribution channels by forging alliances with private clinics, multispecialty clinics, and distributers.

Owing to such efforts of players and other tailwinds, the global market for specialty medical chairs is expected to rise at a CAGR of 6.5% from 2015 to 2023, foretells a research study by Transparency Market Research. The report expects the market to clock a value of US$6.75 bn by 2023-end from US$3.80 bn in 2014.

Healthcare Facilities at Brink of Innovative Transformation Offer Growth

The world specialty medical chairs market has been prophesied to bear a positive impact with healthcare facilities in developing regions being on the cusp of revolution. The market could embrace a propelling growth on the back of the need for the customization of specialty medical chairs in order to address the specific requirements of both medical practitioners and patients. A vast count of vendors have been expected to design specialty medical chairs that could answer the clinical needs of patients, such as those pertinent to cardiac problems, obesity, and pregnancy. The growth of the market could be further improved with the emergence of specialty medical chairs that offer enhanced comfort and more competitive technologies.

The perpetual increase in geriatric population has been predicted to augur well for the world specialty medical chairs market as it garners an optimistic impetus. In comparison with the younger population group, geriatrics have been studied to be extensively vulnerable to a wide scope of physical disabilities as well as chronic diseases. As per the statistics of the WHO, by 2050, the geriatric population could increase to a 1.5 bn. This has been expected to provide a strong boost to the market.

Extortionate Cost of Modern Products Discourages Further Investment

Modern medical specialty chairs incurring an exponential expenditure have been envisaged to stunt the growth of the market. This could be supported by the refusal of governing authorities and medical organizations to investment in first-class medical specialty chairs. Furthermore, the swelling trend of renewing old products has been projected to put a roadblock in the growth path of the international medical specialty chairs market.

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Rehabilitation Chairs to Witness Highest Demand in Speciality Medical Chairs Market Driven by Increasing Uptake of Home Healthcare

The demand for specialty medical chairs Market has increased manifold over the past few years fuelled by the expanding population of aging people worldwide. The efforts taken by leading players with regards to innovation for developing improved and better products for the comfort of patients cannot be denied in being another important factor driving the growth of the global specialty medical chairs market. Leading players are investing extensively for the development of medical chairs which suit patients suffering from pregnancy, cardiac problems, and obesity. With each passing year more sophisticated products with higher comfortability and use of advanced technologies have been coming up thanks to the great efforts taken by market players. All these factors are expected to result in the global specialty medical chairs market to generate revenue of US$6.75 bn by 2023, as per a recent research report by Transparency Market Research (TMR).

Q. What are the factors restricting the growth of this Market from reaching its fullest potential?

The high cost of the specialty medical chairs is one of the key factors acting as a challenge for the growth of this market. In addition to this, the cost of refurbishing the old specialty medical chairs is also very expensive, thereby deterring patients from acquiring new one or repairing their existing ones. It is required by companies within the global specialty medical chairs market to develop products which cater to the cost sensitive population base.

Q. Which type of specialty medical chairs is anticipated to witness the highest demand in the years to come?

While the treatment chairs segment is anticipated to expand at the fastest CAGR in the years to come, the highest revenue is generated by the rehabilitation chair segment. The increasing geriatric population as well as the rising uptake of home health care are key factors associated with the growth of the rehabilitation chairs segment.

Q. Which region is currently leading in the market for specialty medical chairs?

The North America region is leading within the specialty medical chairs market on account of the rising number of dental clinics, ENT clinics, and ophthalmic clinics. Favourable reimbursement policies for wheelchairs and bariatric chairs are also an important factor behind the stupendous growth of the North American market for specialty medical chairs.

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