India, a Huge Solar Water Disinfection Market

San Francisco, California, June 29, 2017: The growing need for safe drinking water and increased efforts for the use of clean energy owing to escalating pollution levels, are two primary drivers of the global solar water disinfection market, as per the findings of a recent study by TMR Research. The report, titled “Solar Water Disinfection Market – Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 – 2025,” projects a fruitful future for the developing market for solar water disinfection, especially in the emerging economies such as India, which houses over a billion people and possesses huge potential. The breaks the market into logical segments to gauge the potential of smaller aspects of the market as well as profiles a number of leading vendors in order to understand the competitive landscape.

The method of solar water disinfection has proven its worth, and is a low-cost technique too. Emerging nations, which have rural populations and low-income areas, are investing on preventions to overcome the burden of several diseases caused by contaminated water, such as diarrhea. Sustained efforts from a number of private or publically funded healthcare organizations is another factors favoring the future of the solar water disinfection market, primarily in African nations. On the other hand, lack of awareness of water-borne diseases, the regions of Asia Pacific and Africa are yet to adopt the new water purification technique.

Based on methodology, the global solar water disinfection market can be segmented into heat, effects of electricity, and ultraviolet radiation. While electricity enabled solar disinfection makes use of electricity from PV cells to purify water, the heat method uses solar energy to purify the water thermally. The UV radiation method involves the use of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and sunlight.

Geographically, although the developed regions of North America and Europe provide the most of the current demand, Asia Pacific is expected to quickly turn into the most lucrative market for the stakeholders of the global solar water disinfection market. Governments in emerging economies such as India, and China have escalated the efforts to provide clean drinking water to their vast population base. Particularly in India, current government is highly focused on improving cleanness and solar energy is given preference as the country experiences sufficient amount of sunshine throughout the year.

Evaquoa Water Technologies LLC, Puralytics, Trunz Water Systems, EAWC Technologies, and Wyckomar Inc. are some of the key companies currently operating in the global solar water disinfection market. Most of these companies are shifting their focus towards the urban and rural areas of emerging economies to gain ground over the competition.