AR Emoji and Infinite Snaps Introduced as Latest Features of Snapchat

The ephemeral war of app supremacy among all the leading mobile applications has recently caught fire with apps striving to introduce new features and attract users. Some of them are succeeding shiningly and some are failing. In this run, Snapchat has raised the bar with the introduction of its latest features AR emoji and infinite snaps. The most attractive feature it added is the limitless snap viewing feature which allows to user to view a photo or video that is received for an unlimited time period against the earlier feature of 1to 10 seconds timespan. As long as the user doesn’t close it, the picture or video will be live on the screen for infinity. However, the company also clarified that once the user closes the media clip, it will fade into the digital void. So, it is actually not the exact definition of infinite that people are familiar with.

AR emoji to be the new favorite?

What is more noticeable in Snapchat now is that all the creative tools of the app such as pen, stickers, and scissors are now aligned at the right-hand side of the screen in vertical column. Users can now illustrate their stuff with different emojis and also use augmented reality for blurring the line between fake and real while crafting a disappearing video or photo. Users can also make a virtual pen out of an emoji that allows spelling a word out of hearts or smiley faces.

New features surface up as competition with Instagram intensifies

With the war between Instagram and Snapchat intensifying, both the apps are striving to take the leading place by introducing attractive features and prove their mettle in the digital realm. Video snaps are also getting their individual version of the infinite treatment. Another added feature is the loop icon which plays a particular video in loop until the sender clicks past it. It is focusing on Boomerangs which is Instagram’s own short version looping video format.

However, these features do not guarantee that Snapchat will be able to surpass Instagram’s 700 million users which is expected to reach 1 billion by the end of this year.