Garmin Vivoactive 3 Sets New Standards in Smartwatch Market

The extent at which smartphones are ubiquitous in the present times was an overambitious assumption not too long beyond a decade. The concept of smartwatch is currently at that nascent stage too, but the possibilities are ripe that inside a decade, smartwatches strongly compete with smartphones in terms of ubiquity. And an important step in the positive direction comes from Garmin, who have launched Vivoactive 3, its flagship product in the smartwatch market that comes with all features one would expect from a high-end smartwatch, barring the cruft to top it up!

Improved Display Beats the Competition

Vivoactive 3 has neatly compiled all the basic requirements that consumers expect from a smartwatch, such as GPS run tracking, optical heart-rate sensor, and health-related notifications. What makes Vivoactive 3 truly advanced among its counterparts is its extreme battery life, mobile payments via NFC, workout guidance, and a display that is among the very best. Not many companies have managed to solve the issue of swiping across a smartwatch menu; while Samsung uses a rotating bezel for their Gear S2 and S3, Apple depends on digital crown for the purpose. What Garmin has done is that they have made one half of the Vivoactive 3 case sensitive to capacitive touch. Users can now swipe vertically utterly quickly between the different menus.

Vivoactive 3 also enables the facility to send text messages to smartphones. Users will be able to form an ecosystem of mobile applications (Apps) that Garmin is offering around the watch. Though greater functionalities such as ordering a cab or booking a reservation are not yet possible, GPS based tracking such as maps.