‘Real Sun Tan’ Drug could reduce the Risk of Skin Cancer

Scientists have developed a new drug that not only causes a person’s skin to tan but also reduce the risk of skin cancer. This newly developed drug is safe for skin with no harming UV radiation involved. Scientists who worked on this study, claimed that this drug will likely to prevent the cancers such as melanoma by producing a dark form of the pigment melanin.

According to researcher team of Massachusetts General Hospital, this newly developed drug could intercept skin cancer and help in lowering the appearance of ageing.

The drug Tested on the Skin Sample to Analyze the Process

Speaking to BBC News, Dr. David Fisher, one of the researcher spoke about the effect drug could have on the skin. While testing the drug is rubbed on skin in order to prevent skin from damage and prompt the process of making melanin. The drug has worked perfectly in tests carried out on skin samples and experts also claimed that it will work on redheads too.

Dr. David Fisher further said its frustrating fact that there is a lack of development in skin cancer, which one of the most commonly found cancer. Scientists aimed on combining this drug with sun-cream to provide high protection from solar radiation. However, it is not yet confirmed whether the drug might have the unintentional consequences on glorious hair color. The researchers looking to carry more safety testing to identify any kind of unintended effect from the drug.

He furthered: “There is lot more research needs to be done before experimenting this technology on humans. If this drug found tremendously safe then it will keep skin healthier for longer time”.