Single Board Computers Market Carves Niche in Healthcare Sector

San Francisco, California, June 30, 2017: In the last few years, the global single board computer market has successfully carved itself a niche in the healthcare sector. As major medical equipment integrate single board computers to provide more reliable healthcare solutions. In a report, titled “Single Board Computer Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025,” TMR Research the market’s growth prospects between 2017 and 2025. Intended at presenting a refined outlook for stakeholders, the report segments the global single board computer market in terms of myriad parameters. Growth drivers and restraints influencing the market’s trajectory across these segments are analyzed in-depth.

Single board computers (SBCs) offer features and components such as microprocessor, storage, and memory bundled into a single circuit board. However single board computers do not compromise on its functionalities for its compact design, which is why their use in research and development has escalated at an impressive pace. Also these computers are available at a low price, on account of which their use as an educational tools is likely to pick up pace in the coming years. Besides this, single board computers have forayed in defense, aerospace, automotive, digital healthcare, intelligent systems, automotive, transportation, retail and hospitality, digital signage, and other industries.

Considering their rising demand from the healthcare sector, TMR research have found customized medical monitoring services, medical electronic devices, and fault tolerant wearable computers to make optimum usage of single board computers. On the downside, SBCs are not supported by many processors. Also when compared to advanced laptops and desktops, the processing power of SBCs fall short, which is a major challenge witnessed by the market.

However, with manufacturers working on remodeling single board computers to be ahead of the game, the market is likely to surge at an exponential pace in the coming years. The processors currently available in the market are high flexible and can be efficiently integrated with novel technologies. Among the variants, the x86-based SBCs are gaining much traction because they offer faster processing and ensures power savings at higher level, which make them suitable for use in industrial environments.

Regionally, the market has been witnessing an accelerated pace of gains in North America, with the US at the fore. Besides this, the presence of large-scale manufacturers has made Asia Pacific a lucrative market for single board computers as well. As industries across these regions incorporate automation in their processes, the demand for single board computers will escalate in response.

Some of the leading companies operating in the global single board computer market are Wandboard, Advantech, Adlink Technology, Eurotech Group, NETBurner, VersaLogic Corp., American Portwell, UDOO, Kontron, Mercury Systems, Olimex, Arbor Solutions, Digi International, Logic, Radisys, and Advantech. Besides these established players, the market is expected to witness the emergence of several new entrants in the coming years.