Silicon on Insulator Market Expected to Grow upto 2025

Global Silicon on Insulator Market: Overview

Silicon on insulator (SOI) is a chip manufacturing technology that uses layered silicon–insulator–silicon substrates instead of the conventional bulk silicon and is used in making advanced semiconductor devices. The continued demand for miniaturization of electronic devices and advances in microprocessor design are seminal developments leading to the evolution of the silicon on insulator market. SOI wafers and transistors find wide applications in microelectronics to make advanced complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) integrated circuit (IC) fabrication.

SOI-based devices are extensively used in a number of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) since they can lower stray device capacitance, thereby significantly improving device performance. Over the forecast period, the silicon on insulator market is expected to witness a bright prospect in the next-generation microprocessor design and wafer engineering technology.

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Global Silicon on Insulator Market: Key Trends

The silicon on insulator market is primarily driven by the rising demand for scaling of CMOS ICs, low cost of wafers, advances in the consumer electronics market, and miniaturization of semiconductor devices. The need for reducing power consumption in a variety of mobile and portable devices has fuelled the demand for SOI devices in the consumer electronic industry. In recent years, top chipmakers such as IBM, Advanced Micro Devices, and Intel Corporation have taken surging interest in the commercialization of SOI technology. This is expected to open up lucrative avenues in the silicon on insulator market. The minor restructuring in the current chip fabrication methods has enabled several manufactures to shift from the bulk silicon technology to the SOI-based devices.

Global Silicon on Insulator Market: Market Potential

Continuous efforts are being made by companies in the semiconductor and electronics industry to mainstream SOI technology by bringing improvements in their chip fabrication process. Fully depleted silicon on insulator (FD-SOI) has proven to be a simplified process technology that helps in the marked miniaturization of transistors and dramatically improves the performance of SOI devices.

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NXP Semiconductors N.V., a global semiconductor manufacturer based out of Netherlands, has announced in March, 2017 that it is first to market its innovative applications processor design by using FD-SOI technology. The manufacturer revealed that coupling its multiple domain architecture with FD-SOI enables it to dramatically reduce power consumption, especially improving dynamic power with as much as 50% compared to its previous i.MX 7 devices.

The design offers an intuitive user-experience by allowing unprecedentedly high energy-efficient graphics acceleration. In addition, the design is capable of low power standby modes and robust visual displays in a single processor. The intelligent power system architecture is attributed to the design’s extremely high operating voltage scalability. The company announced that the processor design will prove immensely helpful in enhancing the capabilities of numerous IoT, home control, and wearable devices, since they require excellent graphics processing.

Global Silicon on Insulator Market: Regional Outlook

Europe and North America are prominent markets for SOI technologies. The growth of the regional markets is mainly driven by the surging application of SOI technology in a number of mobile devices and consumer electronics and the soaring application of semiconductors in gaming consoles. Asia Pacific is expected to offer lucrative market avenues over the forecast period. The increasing demand for the SOI technology in this region is attributed to the constant advances made in miniaturization of electronic devices, especially in emerging nations, and the growing demand for advanced microprocessing technologies in computers.

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Global Silicon on Insulator Market: Competitive Analysis

The silicon on insulator market ecosystem consists of raw material suppliers, vendors, system integrators, chip manufacturers, and original equipment manufacturer. Several chip manufactures are actively making improvements in their fabrication processes to adopt SOI technology. This helps them ramp up the production of SOI-based devices and gain a competitive edge over others. Leading players are opting for partnerships to consolidate their presence in emerging markets. Major players operating in the silicon on insulator market include Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd., GlobalWafers Co., Ltd., Soitec, Wafer World Inc., Ultrasil Corporation, IBM, and Intel Corporation.

Commercialization of Silicon on Insulator Technology on Horizon

San Francisco, California, Feb 20, 2018: A new market report by TMR Research states that the global market for silicon on insulator has been observing a noticeable rise in its valuation and is expected to continue witnessing high growth over the next few years. The research study, titled “Silicon on Insulator Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025,” offers an unbiased and detailed assessment of this market on the basis of its past and current performance. The drivers, prominent trends, obstructions, opportunities, challenges, and the growth potential in this market have also been examined while carrying out this research.

According to the research report, the need for the reduction in power consumption in a wide range of mobile and portable devices has driven the demand for silicon on insulator devices in consumer electronics, leading to remarkable growth in the global silicon on insulator market. The increasing demand for CMOS IC scaling, low cost of wafers, and the augmenting trend of the miniaturization of semiconductor devices are also supporting this market significantly. Over the coming years, the increasing interest of the leading players, such as IBM and Intel Corp. in the commercialization of silicon on insulator technology is likely to support this market considerably, opening up attractive avenues for growth, report the research study.

The worldwide market for silicon on insulator is spread across North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, and Europe. Among these, Europe and North America have surfaced as the prominent regional markets for silicon on insulator technology. The surge in these regional markets is primarily driven by the augmenting application of silicon on insulator technology in a wide array of mobile devices and other consumer electronic products and the increasing usage of semiconductors in gaming consoles. Both the regional markets are projected to remain dominant throughout the period of the forecast.

Among other regional markets for silicon on insulator, Asia Pacific is projected to offer most promising growth opportunities to market players over the next few years. The rising demand for the silicon on insulator technology in this region can be attributed to the continuous advancements in miniaturization of electronic devices, specifically in emerging economies, and the proliferating demand for advanced microprocessing technologies in PCs and laptops, notes the research report.

The report also offers a competitive analysis of the worldwide market for silicon on insulator in order to understand the hierarchy prevalent among the players operating in this market. At the forefront of the global market are GlobalWafers Co. Ltd., Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. Ltd., Soitec, Ultrasil Corp., Wafer World Inc., IBM, and Intel Corp., reports the market study.

The main objective of this study is to deliver a clear picture of the worldwide silicon on insulator market to participants, consultants, and other stakeholders assisting them in creating appropriate strategies to attain a competitive edge over their peers. The research report concludes with an exhaustive data regarding the business operations and financial structures of the prominent players in this market, presenting an overview of the competition within its business landscape.

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