San Francisco Pier Could Get a Floating Fire Station

It was announced in late December of last year that the San Francisco pier might be getting a new fire station to expand the existing Fire Station 35, which is a land-bound installation. The city is now closer to building a two-story firehouse that will be floating on top of a platform and close to Pier 22.5.

City’s Response to Extreme Weather
The floating fire station is expected to aid Fire Station 35, which has been found to be insufficient in the event of natural disasters or extreme weather conditions. The old and ailing Fire Station 35 could definitely do with more help, according to officials. The proposed floating fire station would be the only one dedicated to the shoreline and would become an invaluable asset to disaster management for the city in times of natural disasters such as a major earthquake.

Recent Presentation Reveals Design Plans
A presentation was shown to the San Francisco Department of Public Works last month. The plans show the early design and concepts for the bayfaring base, which would span 16,300 sq. ft. The fire station would hold a rescue watercraft along with jet skis and three fireboats. The floating fire station would be able to deliver emergency service to waterfront properties and location very swiftly. While the platform is expected to remain floating at all times, the fire station’s personnel would be staying on land.