Robotic Dental Implant: Medical Science Scales New Heights

In medical research, often volunteers are required to try out new procedures to check their efficacy. Recently, in China, a woman volunteered to have 3D printed teeth embedded in her mouth, through a robot performing the task of a dentist.

The procedure was necessitated by the acute dearth of dentists in the densely populated nation. It is said that around 400 million require dental implants each year in China, but only a million are lucky enough to receive one.

To tide over the problem, researchers in the Beihang University Institute of Robotics and Stomatological Hospital have created a robotic dentist. As the name suggests, it uses a robot to perform the task of a dentist.

How the Task was Accomplished

The robot carried out the first implant surgery successfully in September, in the city of Xian, which is the capital of Shaanxi province, in the presence of medical staff, who did not partake in the operation. The team had done their groundwork well by fitting the robot’s position orientation equipment earlier into the mouth of the patient, and programming it so that it is in the correct position required for the surgery. The team also fixed the precise angle, depth, and movements of the robot, needed to fix the two 3D printed teeth inside the cavity of the mouth of the patient.

The team, of the course, had thoroughly tested the robot before conducting the surgical procedure. It had gathered data needed for crucial adjustments to the robot before the transplant was conducted. The implant surgery was completed in an hour. The best part – the robot did changes during the procedure factoring in the patient’s own movements.