Rising Construction Activities Lead to Increased Demand for Paints & Coatings Boosts Anionic Flurosurfactant Market Growth

The revenue generation opportunities in the anionic flurosurfactant market are attributed to the increasing use of industry solutions and products for oil repellency as well as leveling for different applications. These applications include inks, paints and coatings, wood stains, caulks, adhesives, floor polishes, and waxes.

The growing number of construction and home or commercial renovation activities around the world have been estimated to propel the demand for different paints and coatings. This factor is further expected to bolster sales avenues in the anionic flurosurfactant market in the forthcoming years. Along with this, increasing the effectiveness of the anionic flurosurfactant market solutions in comparison with hydrocarbon based or silicone based surfactants has also been predicted to stimulate demand in the industry.


Asia Pacific to Lead in Anionic Flurosurfactant Market

On the basis of geographical areas, the anionic flurosurfactant market has been classified majorly into five regions, for instance, Europe, the Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and North America. Out of these regional areas, the Asia Pacific region has been estimated to emerge as the prominent revenue generator in the anionic flurosurfactant market during the forecast period. The growth avenues in the regional market are owing to the growing demand for anionic flurosurfactant market products across regional economies, for instance, China, Japan, and India. In addition to this, increasing production of the paints and coatings across the Asia Pacific region has been predicted to stimulate increased sales avenues in the anionic flurosurfactant market.

The players serving in the anionic flurosurfactant market have been adopting numerous strategies in order to increase growth avenues in the coming years. Some of the prominent players operating in the anionic flurosurfactant market include DuPont, Johnson Controls or Tyco Fire Protection Products, Guarniflon or MAFLON, Innovative Chemical Technologies, Chem Guard, OMNOVA Solutions, 3M, AGC, Merck, Dynax Corporation, Chemours.

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