Use of Smartphone Apps and Exergames to Encourage Physical Activity among Children, says research

The physical activity level of lot of children is less than what it should be. This is sometimes related to too much time spent by parents on work and not inculcating the desire among children to explore and play. And, to top to this, electronic devices are used as make-shift babysitters to keep children engaged.

To address this, scientists at University of Birmingham state intelligent mobile apps and exergames can help improve physical activity among young individuals and children.

The analysis of 26 studies of online interventions for physical activity led to the finding that personalization, gamification, and information are the three key mechanisms to lead to desired change in physical activity needs. Gamification on electronic devices somewhat make physical activity a game with different achievement levels.

Personalization of mobile apps allows users to customize their reward systems, and information provides educational information. These mechanisms are essential to build exergames – the collective term for smartphone apps and simple regular video games to encourage physical activity among children.

Furthermore, scientists found that young people and children in general react positively when exergames are a part of physical education classes. These activities that do not always include digital devices are fun. They help to improve emotions, attitude, and motivation of children toward physical activity.

The use of exergames led to increase of physical activity in 70% of studies undertaken on the subject and improved outcomes when online interventions are incorporated. The use of screen is much accepted by children, and if physical activity is incorporated in these smart devices to encourage exercise is a super idea.

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