Globalization Drives Growth in Reefer Container Market

Demand for reefer container is increasing in transportation and logistics sector with growing urbanization. It preserves temperature sensitive products and cut-down the impacts of external temperature variations and thermal shocks. Reefer containers can keep products frozen at a temperature below -600C. Moreover, optimal humidity is also maintained inside the freezer, which prevents contamination of products being transported.

Reefer container is specifically used for transportation of perishable cargoes such as vegetables, dairy products, fish, fruits, pharmaceuticals, flowers, and chemicals. It enables safe transportation over long distance.

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Multi-purpose Reefer Container Enables Transport of Various Items Simultaneously

Earlier, one reefer container was dedicated to transport only one product category. This used to increase overall transportation cost. Consequently, cost of the product used to decrease at destination, due to excess supply of products. This was one major factor hindering growth of the reefer market. To overcome the challenge, manufacturers introduced multi-purpose reefer containers.

These reefer containers are of the size of ships. Such refer containers have several sections, customized to store various products while transportation. The sections are separated from each other, thus avoiding interference of products among themselves. The feature facilitates transportation of various products at a time. This, further, influenced growth of the global reefer container market.

Demand for Nutritive Food Products Influencing Export-Import Activities

On the basis of products shipped by reefer containers, the reefer container market is bifurcated into two categories: Food and non-food. Food products include frozen vegetables and fruits, fresh vegetables and fruits, dairy products, frozen meat, milk, eggs, chocolates, and juice. The non-food application shipped through reefer containers are flowers, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.

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Nowadays, consumers are being selective towards nutritive items. Hence, they are paying extra for quality imported food products. Growing population is one of the key factors influencing demand for export/ import of food products. This, in turn, is boosting reefer container market across the globe.