Novel Covid-19 Epidemic Opens New Avenues for Recombinant Vaccines Market Growth

Recombinant vaccine is one of the important tools today in healthcare industry. These vaccines help us to prevent the spread of numerous infectious diseases such as Hepatitis B.  Consistent use of these options in disease prevention is fueling the growth of the recombinant vaccines market. These vaccines are created using the recombinant DNA technology. Help in developing immune response against different bacterial and mammalian cells is the key motive of these vaccines.

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In recent times, there is tremendous rise in incidences of various infectious diseases. Recent example of infectious disease pandemic is Covid-19. To contain this health condition, worldwide government bodies have pulled their socks up. They are encouraging vendors to accelerate their efforts and discover potential vaccine for this disease. This government support is working as a boosting factor for the global recombinant vaccines market.

Similarly, many key players in the global recombinant vaccines market are investing in research activities. Key motive of this effort is to find out definite solution to prevent the Covid-19 disease spread. A case in point here is recent announcement by Novavax. The firm announced that it has expedited efforts to create recombinant vaccine for Covid-19. This move by the firm will help in fostering the global recombinant vaccines market.

The competitive landscape of the global recombinant vaccines market is moderately fragmented. Presence of many strong players in the market denotes high level of competition. Sanofi S A, Bharath Biotech, Novartis A G, Pfizer Inc., and Merck & Co. Inc. are some the key players contributing to the growth of the global recombinant vaccines market. Many vendors are chasing diverse strategies to grow their regional presence. Some of the strategies include mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, and collaborations for research activities. All these efforts are projected to boost the recombinant vaccines market.

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