Large-scale Recall of UPG Rawhide Dog Chews

United Pet Group have announced a large-scale recall of rawhide dog chews due to a health problem with an antimicrobial compound used in certain products. Dog chews from a wide range of brands, namely American Beefhide, Good-n-Fun Chews, Digest-eeze, and Healthy Hide Chews have been recalled due to chemical contamination. The contaminated rawhide dog chews were distributed from the company’s facility in Edwardsville, Illinois. Sales were conducted through primarily retail channels across the country, with online consumers also accounting for a significant part of the sales.

Quaternary-Ammonium Compound Mixture to Blame

The recall was initiated following the discovery that a quaternary-ammonium compound mixture, an antimicrobial chemical, was being used in the making of rawhide dog chews in Latin American facilities. Production facilities in Mexico and Colombia, in addition to a supplier in Brazil, are the proximal causes. While quaternary-ammonium compounds are used in cleaning food processing equipment, its use in rawhide dog chews is not approved in the U.S. yet. The discrepancies in the regulatory scenarios in different countries could have led to the error.

The company received some complaints, primarily abdominal illnesses such as diarrhea and vomiting, inculpating the rawhide dog chews. The diarrhea and vomiting is likely the result of the gastric irritation caused by quaternary-ammonium, while it can also lead to a significant reduction in appetite. Buyers are recommended to return rawhide dog chews to the site of purchase as soon as possible.